Making ELEXON a great place to work



ELEXON are a not for profit company delivering the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) which is critical to the successful operation of Great Britain’s electricity trading arrangements. They handle almost £1.5 billion of our customers’ funds each year and interact with over 200 companies in the electricity industry. They, in turn, supply over 28 million customers. Having been through a period of unprecedented change the Executive team recognized a need to transform the organisation into a great place to work.


  • To improve engagement within ELEXON
  • To help make the people of ELEXON feel loved again
  • To increase personal ownership and accountability
  • Ensure solutions are sustainable

What we did

We introduced a colleague engagement programme, which was launched via an all colleague event – One Elexon Day. To support the event we recruited some change agents who formed the “great place to work” team, representing the business. Working with this team we co-created not only the launch event but the subsequent 12 month programme. Recognizing the contribution the great place to work team would make to the programme we developed and ran a series of workshops with them to increase their expertise and capability within engagement. This emphasis on peer to peer change and increasing expertise within the company is critical to sustainability of any programme.
At the heart of our interventions is a “positive psychology” approach, which involves looking at what works and building on that. We introduced this idea at One ELEXON day event with a world café, using elements of our employee engagement toolkit, which the great place to work team had been trained to use. The event was a great success and set the scene for further activities. Over the course of year we worked with the team to develop and implement solutions to improve engagement within ELEXON. At the heart of the programme was the need to empower the team and leaders to introduce improvements and changes for themselves.

Some of the activity included:

  • running a series of leaders workshops to develop engagement expertise
  • improving engagement capability across the business
  • developing and rolling out the ELEXON engagement toolkit
  • workplace improvements such as free fruit, new communication channels, and a new staff lounge breakout area
  • development activities such as a skills swap events for colleagues
  • introduction of flexible working approach and culture



  • Morale increased by 51% in 12 months, from 23% before the programme to 74% after the programme
  • Positivity about working for ELEXON increased by 20%, from 55% before the programme to 75% after the programme
  • Recommending ELEXON as a great place to work increased by 37%, from 36% before the programme to 73% after the programme

It feels like a different place to work now, people speak up I meetings, get involved in working groups and have belief that they can change their workplace for the better.