Case Studies

Building a team of EX advocates at Starbucks

Empowering the people

As one of the world’s largest coffee chains, Starbucks relies heavily on its gargantuan workforce. They came to us to help relaunch their EX advocate programme. Feedback suggested the previous approach to EX could be seen as superficial.

Starbucks needed to upskill their people, empowering them to make the ‘advocacy’ role the best it could be, and equipping them with the capabilities needed to do the job well. That’s how they could make sure their employees thrived.

Tools, techniques, and teaching

We ran a series of virtual workshops with Starbucks’ EX advocates. Firstly, we wanted to create stronger bonds and form a supportive network between the advocates. We wanted to build their confidence as an advocate. Working closely with the advocate team, we then crafted a role that they agreed would deliver both the business objectives and the advocates’ personal aims.

During the workshops they explored the foundations of EX and covered the tools and techniques needed to thrive in their new role. This was wrapped up in a final session, in which they reflected on their future plans for EX.

A more confident team of advocates

Thanks to this programme, the EX advocates are bursting with new-found confidence and optimism. There are high levels of engagement from all, and the feedback has been fantastic. But most of all, there’s been a profound shift in mindset, with advocates adopting a more proactive approach and taking full ownership of the EX initiatives throughout the wider organisation.

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Don't just take our word for it

“They’ve helped to make our partners passionate about EX and empowered them to own it”
"People Lab helped us to really unlock what engagement means for our partners. They took something complex and broad, and turned it into something much more tangible. As a result, there’s been a real mindset shift, and our advocates are passionate about owning EX and engagement, and taking accountability within their areas – which is a really powerful thing."

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