The People Managers Toolkit

People managers are critical to improving employee engagement in your organisation. Ensuring that they’re equipped with the very latest tools and techniques to drive employee engagement is essential.

IMG_2323Are you a People Manager? Interested in improving Employee Engagement with your team? 

Our popular People Managers Toolkit will provide you with a range of practical tools, techniques and tips, enabling you to improve employee engagement with your team. Using the toolkit, you’ll begin your journey from seeing engagement as a survey led, tick–box exercise (transactional engagement) to something which is ongoing and integrated into the way you manage and lead your team (transformational engagement).

The toolkit will help you, as a People Manager, to understand the crucial role YOU play in improving engagement with your team.

The toolkit has been successfully used with over 100 organisations to improve their people manager capability in engagement.  Using the toolkit, companies such as Rolls Royce, Barclays, E.ON, Everest and ELEXON have improved their employee engagement.

Improve employee engagement in your organisation today. Download the PDF below for more information & to get your hand on our People Managers Toolkit.

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