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Card Sort Activity

We’re giving away a free copy of our popular “card sort” activity. This exercise enables managers to understand what is important to their teams at work, but also to rate how the company performs in this area. It’s really  simple to use and has proven to be very popular with our clients.

Card sort template Card sort Exercise

Free Chapter from Employee Engagement

You can download a free chapter from Emma’s new book Employee Engagement, published by Kogan Page.

Employee Engagement Sample Chapter copy

What’s your #toptip for engaging employees?

This ebook is jam-packed full of #toptips from some of the leading names in engagement. Read it & get your engagement inspiration today!

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Disability & Employee Engagement: Phase 1 Research Report

We launched our disability & employee engagement research in 2012, in the buzzing weeks after the Paralympic Games. What were our key findings, and where are we going next? Read the full report here.

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People Lab Playlist: A Rough Guide to Employee Engagement

The first in our webinar series, this episode looks at the keys of successful employee engagement & the science behind creating a happy workplace.

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Best Self Feedback

Best self-feedback is a radical alternative to the usual 360 approach. Best self takes a “strength-based” approach and aims to create pictures of the unique contribution you’ll make.
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How to… Run a Listening Group

This example discussion guide will help you to run a successful & enjoyable listening group.
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Keeping the process alive: Getting the most from your survey

The real value of doing a survey comes after the survey has closed – its what we do with the results that’s important.

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How to Run an Engaging 1-2-1

This template document provides you with example questions to help you run an engaging one to one with your team members.

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Role Profile for Engagement Champions: Example

This example role profile describes the tasks, duties & behaviours needed to be a great engagement champion.

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A Rough Guide to Empoyee Engagement

This rough guide to engagement shows you the basics needed to create successful employee engagement.
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Top tips for improving employee survey response rates

Running a survey, but no one is responding? This guide shows you how you can improve those survey response rates, and achieve great results.

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The Reticular Activating System—Your Brain’s Unique Screening Device

We love the science behind what we do – and this brief document looks at your brain’s unique screening device, the Reticular Activating System.

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Transformational Engagement – how ready are you?

Want to move towards transformational engagement, but don’t know where to start? This guide will help you tick off the areas that you’re doing well at, so you can assess how ready you are to start making those important changes.

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