SpotlightOn the Employee Engagement Profession – Understanding the engagement gap and what we can do about it



Join us for our first webinar of 2019, hosted by our friends at the Employee Engagement Alliance

The results are in from our latest Spotlight on the Employee Engagement Profession research. This year we spoke to over 100 organisations, from a variety of industries and sectors.

We wanted to continue to use this research to get a greater understanding of the employee engagement gap – that is the continued focus on employee engagement in organisations, but still finding a lack of improvement in Employee Engagement Index scores, across the UK and Worldwide. Why aren’t we seeing an improvement in engagement, when organisations across the globe are working hard to engage employees? Why are we still observing this gap, and what can we do to improve employee engagement across the country?

Join us at our webinar, hosted by the EEA, to find out.

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In this webinar, presented by People Lab’s Emma Bridger, you’ll hear the results from our latest research before the report is officially published. What’s more, Emma will talk you through the findings, sharing invaluable insights on why we are continuing to see this gap in UK organisations – and what we can do about it.

Webinar: Understanding the employee engagement ‘gap’ and what to do about it – 18/19 SpotlightOn results

When: 22nd January, 2019, 4pm GMT

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We’re looking forward to your questions on the day – see you there!


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