How to use purpose to drive engagement


Purpose is hot right now – a google search of ‘purposeful companies’ reveals more than 96 million results! Of course it’s not a new concept, Dan Pink was talking about the rise of the purpose motive to help engage employees nearly 10 years ago when Drive was first published. But more recently it seems to have really taken hold as a ‘must-do’ for many companies, which is no bad thing.

There’s no doubt that as a society we are seeking more meaning and purpose from our work, and expecting the companies we work for to become more purposeful. So what can companies do to provide their people with a sense of purpose and meaning?

  1. Communicate the purpose– make sure employees know and understand the organisation’s purpose goals not just its profit goals. Employees, who understand the purpose and vision of their organisation and how their individual roles contribute to this purpose, are more likely to be satisfied in their work.
  2. Place equal emphasis on purpose maximisation as you do on profit maximisation– research shows that the attainment of profit goals has no impact on a person’s well-being and actually contributes to their ‘ill-being’. Organisational and individual goals should focus on purpose as well as profit. Many successful companies are now using profit as the catalyst to pursuing purpose, rather than the objective.
  3. Use purpose-oriented words– talk about the organisation as a united team by using words such as “us” and “we”, this will inspire employees to talk about the organisation in the same way and feel a part of the greater cause.

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