My background (and passion!) is in employee engagement, and my last role specialised in internal communications.  In the last few years I have worked on major change programmes, corporate announcements and big events, as well as delivering communications and engagement strategies with a large number of remote workers.

It’s a great team to be a part of – and so exciting to be at the forefront of developments in the world of employee engagement.

What I love about my work: Two main thing for me – firstly, that every day’s a school day. There’s so much to learn – and I’m really lucky that I can be involved in research on a subject that fascinates me.

Secondly, it sounds cheesy, but the fact that what we do can really make a difference to people’s happiness in their day-to day lives.

What engages me: People. I love how we encounter individuals all the time, whether it’s through work, or doing your weekly shop – all with a multitude of stories and adventures that they can share with us and we can learn from. My own friends are all very different too – and each one has something different that they can teach me or inspire me with.