February 23, 2018

Using AI and Machine Learning to better understand employee feedback

  Many of you will already be on first name terms with Siri and Alexa. Or perhaps you’ve marvelled at how Spotify can put a playlist together for you of tunes you were listening as a teenager – mine was scarily accurate! And of course Amazon make huge amounts of money by predicting what we […]

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July 17, 2015

Using ESNs in 3 Steps

Using ESNS in 3 Steps When it comes to using social technology to drive engagement in the workplace, we know Employee Social Networks (ESNs) and apps are well and truly on the rise. While our survey report with The App Garden suggests email still dominates for communication (85%), ESNs are rapidly gaining on this, with […]

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June 25, 2015

How To Tame The Office Techno-Beasts

How to Tame The Office Techno-Beasts Like our friend Shaun Of The Dead here, have you ever felt like you are surrounded by zombies? You know, the ones that walk around with their phones in hand, grunting their way through verbal communications? I’m sure there are other scenes akin to horror movies that we see […]

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