Paula Jex

When I started out, I hadn’t heard of employee engagement.  I just knew how I felt and that if this feeling could be replicated, work would be a much better experience.

And there started my passion with people and what makes a great place to work. 12 years on and I’ve worked alongside some amazing people; been recognised as part of a wider team with an award (or two) and know for sure just how an engaged workforce can truly inspire and achieve, even in challenging times.

What I love about my work:

A bit of a cliché but the uniqueness and diversity of the everyday people I meet! What might be important to one person maybe not be to their colleague. Everyone has a different ‘story’ which reflects their experiences, beliefs, passions, work, family and culture.  What I’ve learnt is that people aspire to be the best they can be at work however, sometimes things just get in the way. Being part of a team that works with organisations to create and define solutions that helps support and engage their people with the work they do is very satisfying and rewarding.  I consider myself fortunate to be part of their journey.

What engages me:

Life and knowledge!

We never stop learning, from being able to travel and experience the world first hand, to friends and family.   I love talking and listening, being in conversation and reading – books offer us a window to the world, even Mills & Boon! And of course, it’s all about being able to make a difference.

Finally, nothing beats walking through the countryside with my pet English Springer Millie – it doesn’t matter whether it’s glorious sunshine or a rainy day, it’s a chance to clear my head and recharge.