Unlock the potential of your People Managers

Unlock The Potential of your People Managers

“people leave managers, not companies”

We mention this phrase often on our blog when we talk about people managers and engagement, because it’s so true!

People managers can play such a big role in employee engagement, its important they have the right tips and tools to do so.

Here at People Lab, we are currently conducting a new piece of research for 2015, ‘Spotlight on the Employee Engagement Profession’, and are welcoming those working in managerial/employee engagement roles, from companies of different sizes and industries to take part.

Why you ask? We want to better understand why there is a gap between the increased focus on employee engagement and the slow rate of improvement in the employee engagement workplace. (There’s also some prizes up for grabs if you take part, keep reading to find out!)

Employee Engagement 2015

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Some of our early indicators are providing some interesting insight into why this might be:

74% say that they have no had any formal engagement training, and only 12% believe their employee engagement definition is well understood.

This is where we come back to our people managers, and giving them the right tools to unlock their engagement superpowers! If you haven’t seen our blog 5 Tips For Becoming a More Engaging Manager, click here.

We’ve also got, what we believe is, the best-kept secret in employee engagement, our People Managers Toolkit. We’ve used our toolkit with over 100 companies including Rolls Royce, Everest, E.On, Elexon, and Barclays.

People Managers Toolkit

The People Managers Toolkit

The ever-popular People Managers Toolkit contains activities and tools to better your company’s engagement, from understanding your survey, to starting conversations with your employees, and putting changes into action.

Designed to help your managers get employees engaged, the toolkit is straightforward, simple to use and has achieved results such as:

  • Reduction in call centre attrition from 41% to 22% in just one year, saving over £370,00
  • Increased cross-sales contribution of over £6 million
  • Reduction in absence saving over £150,000
  • An increase in engagement scores from 50% to 94% in 12 months
  • Movement from -14 to +28 net promoter score (customer advocacy) in one year

Worth £450 (exc. VAT), it’s been proven time and again to make a difference, not just in powering up your people managers, but improving employee engagement across organisations.

We’ve got one of our special toolkits to give away to one lucky entrant of our Spotlight On The Employee Engagement Profession survey. 5 runners-up will also receive a copy of Emma Bridger’s popular book, Employee Engagement, full of information and tools too.

To take part in our survey, and for your chance to win a People Managers Toolkit, click here.

To find out more about the People Managers Toolkit, click here.

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