#SpotlightOn Employee Engagement 2017


Last year, we carried out our first ever in-depth look at the employee engagement profession and industry via our #SpotlightOn research.  Over 75 organisations took part and provided us with some fascinating and valuable insights. You can read the 2016 white-paper here.

In the 2016 survey we found that:

  • Over half of organisations (53 per cent) do not measure the impact of employee engagement
  • 76 per cent of those working in the sector have never received any formal training
  • Over a third (38 per cent) of organisations do not have an employee engagement strategy; 17% didn’t know if they do or don’t!

There have been big economic and political changes over the last few months and we’d like to find out what this means for employee engagement professionals? We’re also looking at how organisations are measuring and evaluating the impact of employee engagement, finding out how employee engagement professionals are developing their skills and capabilities in the field – and lots more!!

Curious? We are too.

Focusing specifically on the world of engagement, we’d like to invite you to take part today.

As a thank you for completing the survey you will have the option to be entered into a prize draw. We’re giving away a copy of Emma Bridger’s book ‘Employee Engagement’, which has received 5* reviews on Amazon – and in addition, one very lucky winner will receive a copy of the People Lab People Manager’s Toolkit!

Have your say, and be one of the first to receive the results.

Complete the 2017 survey.

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By Esther on February 1, 2017

Great post, I’ve done the survey!

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