It’s the People Lab 2017 Advent Calendar!



The advent calendar has now finished for another year – but we will keep all of the offers below open (except where stated) throughout January!

We hope you had a wonderful festive break and we’d like to wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!


To get you all into the festive spirit, we’ve decided to treat you to 24 days of
employee engagement tips, treats and gifts.

Simply keep an eye on our social media channels to see what’s behind the doors
each day in the run up to Christmas – enjoy!



DECEMBER 1st – OPENED – Miss our day one video? Watch it here.

When was the last time you checked your work email?  Many of us find ourselves dipping into our inboxes during the evenings, or over the weekend.  Even if you love your job, it’s important to make time for yourself. TIP: If you really can’t stay away from your inbox, limit the amount of time you’re spending on work emails when you’re out of the office. Set yourself a time (say 7pm) as a ‘cut off’….and stick to it!

DECEMBER 3rd – OPENED – The Tree of Engagement Techniques
Use the christmas baubles to remind you of ways you can engage your employees.  Miss it on December 3rd?  You can still download it here.

DECEMBER 4th – OPENED – The first of our fantastic freebies!
Did you miss our ‘Best Self’ giveaway? Download it here.

At the beginning of January, many of us reflect on our day-to-day practice and habits – including our approach to work. Instead of waiting until next month, why not get started today? Whether it’s something you want to do more of in 2018, or something you want to change for the better, making plans now will ensure you’ll be prepared when the new year arrives. TIP: Take five minutes out every day in December to reflect on this – you could keep a journal, make quick notes on your phone, or send yourself daily emails.

DECEMBER 6th – OPENED – Employee Engagement by Emma Bridger 20% off
Order Emma’s fantastic book ‘Employee Engagement‘ through the Kogan Page Website and enjoy a 20% discount!
Just use the code EEAD20

DECEMBER 7th – OPENED – Our Recommended Reads
We’ve rounded up our favourite employee engagement books.  Don’t forget, you can still use the code above for 20% off Emma’s book if you get it through the Kogan Page Website. Download our book wish list here.

DECEMBER 8th – OPENED – Lunch in the capital with People Lab!
Simply like and share any of our advent calendar posts on either Facebook, Twitter or Linked in, to be in with a chance of winning this great prize! We will contact the winner on Monday 11th December. Good luck!

DECEMBER 9th – OPENED – Top Tip!
When was the last time you thanked a colleague for their input, help or ideas? As the year draws to a close, the festive period is a time when many of us reflect on the last 12 months. Who have you worked closely with this year, and what did you achieve together? How did your team mates impact the success of a particular project? TIP: Remember to say thank you! Take some time out this December, to reflect on how your colleagues have been involved in what you do, and how you’ve worked together to achieve your goals. Send them an email or note to show your appreciation – you might just make their day!

DECEMEBER 10th – OPENED – The Enablers of Employee Engagement
Why not print this out for your desk, to keep these enablers at the top of your mind when making your engagement plans for 2018?

DECEMBER 11th – OPENED – Top Tip!
As planning season continues, the lead up to the Christmas break can be a hectic time for many organisations. If you’re a people manager or leader, this period can be especially busy as you plan for the year ahead with your team. TIP: Sit down with each member of your team, and have an informal chat about what they hope the coming year will bring. How can you support each other in 2018? What would they like to see more of from you, as a leader – and what can you give to them? Make a note and reflect on your progress at the end of Q1.

DECEMBER 12th – OPENED – Employee Engagement Health Check
Complete these few questions and we will create you a free report, helping you to understand the health of employee engagement in your organisation and review how you’re performing against each of the enablers.  Take the health check.

DECEMBER 13th – OPENED – Top Tip!
In our recent Spotlight on the Employee Engagement profession research, we surveyed 76 organisations – and found that only 1/4 of respondents had a companywide definition of engagement. Is everyone really on the same page when it comes to engagement in your organisation? TIP: As your colleagues to post anonymous notes into a box, detailing their definition of employee engagement in your organisation. If it’s a struggle, or there are significantly differing definitions, you’ll know that redefining engagement is a priority for 2018.

DECEMBER 14th – OPENED – Favourite Follows!
We wanted to spread a little Christmas cheer with some of our favourite people to follow! Engage for Success, Action for Happiness, TEDEmployee Engagement Alliance (EEA)

DECEMBER 15th – OPENED – A gift from the EEA
Our friends at The Employee Engagement Alliance (EEA) have offered all followers of the People Lab advent calendar, a huge 25% off their corporate membership! Email quoting the ADVENT15 to find out more.

DECEMBER 16th – OPENED –  Top Tip!
During the festive season, many of us start thinking (and planning) ahead. What do we want to achieve in the New Year? These resolutions don’t have to just be based on hitting the gym, or breaking a habit in our personal lives, though they often tend to be. TIP: Make engagement resolutions for 2018! Take a look at what you already know about your organisation – what did your survey and activities highlight? Which areas do you need to improve upon or change? Get together with your team and discuss how everyone could resolve to help make positive organisations changes in the coming year.

DECEMBER 17th – OPENED – A free chapter of Employee Engagement
Download a FREE chapter of Emma’s popular book Employee Engagement. Click here to download.

DECEMBER 18th – OPENED – Transactional or Transformational?
This super useful diagnostic tool will help you to assess how far along your organisation is, towards transformational engagement. Download here!

DECEMBER 19th – OPENED – Top Tip!
Even if you love your job, returning to the office in the first week of Jan can be a little tough. With a whole new year ahead, this time can be both exciting and overwhelming. Where do you start?! TIP: Before you leave the office for Christmas break, spend some time thinking about your priorities for January. What needs your attention as soon as you return to work – and what can wait? Write down your tasks in a new notebook or document, and leave it on your desk for your first day back in the office.

DECEMBER 20th – OPENED – Message from Emma
Miss the video from yesterday?  Catch up here.

DECEMBER 21st – OPENED – More top tips, straight from the experts!
If you’ve enjoyed our tips behind the doors, then you should enjoy today’s treat – download our ‘Top Tip’s’ e-book. Compiled advice and words of wisdom from 50 employee engagement experts and profesionals. Click here to download

DECEMBER 22nd – OPENED – Our gift to you
We’re giving all advent followers a free 1 hour over-the phone/skype consultancy session with Emma – book before the 31st January and use code ADVENT17

DECEMBER 23rd – OPENED – Top Tip!
When we’re tasked with something difficult, time consuming or slightly dull, it can be tempting to put it off until later. You might love your job but it’s safe to say that some elements of it will be more exciting that others! TIP: Avoid putting these tasks off until January, and try and complete as many of them as you can before the Christmas break. You’ll be grateful that you did this on your return to work in the new year – and you’ll get to start 2018 with the things that you love!

DECEMBER 24th – OPENED – Another chance for lunch on us!
It’s our final day of the calendar and before we down tools and wish you all a very Merry Christmas, we wanted to offer you one last chance to win lunch on us. In case you missed the chance first time around, we’ve reopened our ‘Like and Share’ competition. Simply like and share any of our advent calendar posts on either Facebook, Twitter or Linked in, to be in with a chance of winning this great prize! We will contact the winner after Christmas. Good luck!







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