How to keep employees motivated in the summer months

For some organisations, summer months mean less employees in the office and in some instances, less work as trading slows down. For office-based employees, this can impact motivation and productivity, so here are five tips to help keep employees engaged:

1. Look at introducing summer flexi-hours 
Not only will this help families with children off school, employees can also make the most of summer evenings. Spain has been known to close for days at a time in the Summer!

2. Be spontaneous
With fewer people in the office, it’s easier to get people up and out socialising – whether that’s going for an impromptu drink after work, or popping out for ice creams to cool people down.

3. Get outside
Think about whether there’s an opportunity to meet outside of the usual office location, how about a brainstorm down the beach? Or a meeting with clients in the park?

4. Combine wellbeing and team spirit
When else will you have the opportunity to get people outside and running around?  Why not set up a game of company rounders? Does the IT department have what it takes to beat HR?

5. Use the time to reflect
Now’s the time to do all of the little things that have been on the back burner during your busy period. Are there any awards you want to enter? Do you just want to tidy up some processes and procedures?

For those in the office, a break for the norm may be welcomed and also help encourage them to feel more engaged.

And finally, if you are one of the lucky ones taking some time off, we hope you have a lovely break!

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