Enterprise Social Networks – a force for good or evil?

Social media has become an increasingly important feature within our lives: it’s estimated that 38 million people in the UK access some type of social media platform (We Are Social 2016).  But we still have very little understanding of how social media impacts our engagement and wellbeing.  This is particularly true of research that looks at the impact of social media used within the confines of an organisation: referred to as Enterprise Social Networks (ESN).

The use of ESN within organisations is on the rise, with many commentators arguing that ESN will become an essential communication tool of the future.  But to-date, we are still unclear if and how ESN impacts employee engagement.  Intuitively it seems that social media could present a huge opportunity for employee engagement, enabling more collaboration, feelings of connection, conversation and more.  At the very least it would seem that ESN could provide employees with a voice, which is one of the key enablers of engagement. This journey is just beginning, as companies are now starting to adopt ESNs such as Yammer and Jive.

Get involved

We would like to invite you to get involved with our ground-breaking research. Our goal is to answer the question: Can ESN help develop engagement and wellbeing?

Please help us out and complete our survey* by clicking the link below – and please feel free to share it!

If you don’t have ESN within your company, or if you have it, but don’t use it, don’t worry – we still want to hear from you.

As a thank you for completing our survey, you have the option to be entered into a free prize draw, where you can win one of three high street vouchers, worth £50 each.  You will also be one of the first to receive a copy of our findings.

For your own bespoke report

We’d also like to offer you the opportunity to have your own, organization-specific report for free. If 30 (or more) of your employees take part in this survey, we will provide you with a bespoke report and feedback based on these findings – for free! If this is something you would like, please get in touch and we’ll send you your own unique link.

For your own custom link, please contact katie@peoplelab.co.uk

Or click here to take part in our research today

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*Please be assured that all responses will be completely confidential and no individuals or company names will be revealed in the findings report. By taking part in the research you the findings report will be shared with you as a priority.


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