Employee Engagement: Need a health-check in your organisation?

We’re fast approaching the end of January, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll find yourself scratching your head and wondering what the hell happened to Christmas.  The first month of the year is often a blur of planning, brainstorming and putting together your strategy for the year ahead, and I anticipate that many of you have been planted firmly in this kind of activity since returning from the festive holiday.

And when it comes to employee engagement, the process is no different.  It takes intricate understanding and planning to get it absolutely right, and takes time and effort to do well. Embedded in the planning processes of your business, successful employee engagement will be measured and maintained in your organisation. It’ll make your employees more productive (and therefore your company more profitable). It’ll change the way you think about your employees, and the way they think about you and your business.

There’s plenty of evidence that shows that employee engagement works. Spending five minutes looking over the great research put together by our friends at Engage for Success is enough to convince anyone that employee engagement is worth doing – and worth doing well.

But where do you start with employee engagement, and how do you know what state your organisation is in where engagement is concerned?

At People Lab, we offer a range of training courses, products and consulting services to enable you to create successful, sustainable employee engagement. One of our most popular products is our Organisational Engagement Healthcheck.

What’s involved?

Our healthcheck diagnostic runs a full employee engagement audit, to help you review your employee engagement plans and activity against the Engage For Success (UK Engagement Taskforce) enablers:

  • Strategic narrative
  • Leadership
  • Employee voice
  • Integrity

Our expertise & diagnostic tools will allow you to create a strong & robust employee engagement strategy, perfectly tailored to your organisation.

It’s absolutely vital that you understand how healthy your business is before you start working on your employee engagement activities. You need to know what’s working and what’s not working ahead of creating your strategy, or you’re risking failure from the outset.

Want more info?

If you’d like to find out more about checking the health of your business, take a look at our downloadable guide to our Organisational Engagement Healthcheck. If you’d like to discuss the health of your company with one of our engagement experts, give us a call today.

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